CAP Entrepreneur Virtual Summit - June 26 & 27

Workshopping Your Results for Different Results and attract more Clients!!

FREE 22 Hour Entrepreneur Virtual SUMMIT

13 Speakers from around the world, each and everyone, giving you the actions and steps for you to move forward.
This is an interactive workshop, where you take action and get results.

This is for all those SME's & Entrepreneur's that know they can do better, know that they can achieve more and those that WANT more.....

The Global Speakers include:-

Anthony Coundouris (Aus.), Craig Keegan (Aus.)

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This is all about filling the gaps in your business right now to get you more sales and set you up to Attract more Clients.

Your Online Profile Can Help Or Destroy You!

In a post 2020 world, everything and everyone is online.

What can you do right?

What are you doing wrong?

What can you fix during the Summit?


Discover What You Are Missing?

Every small business is at different stages, now and in the future.

You have different requirements at different times.

Half the time you do not even know what you are missing.

What are the holes in your client acquisition?

What are the holes in your product delivery?


Discover Why You Are Missing Sales?

What are you doing to drive clients away?

How can you tweak your profiles and business to attract more clients?


Personal Branding


What is yours right now?  Do you have one?

How can you kickstart your Brand?

How can you globalise your Brand?


Video Production & Content

How can you create great videos?

How can they make you money?

How can they attract more clients?

How can you do it with impact?


How Storytelling Converts

Copywriting and Storytelling, you can not have a scalable business without this?

You can't get sales without great copy.

This is a HUGE gap in most Entrepreneurs business.


13 Global Industry Leaders from 6 Countries, across dozens of disciplines and skillsets.

All here to work with you in a live workshop to fill your gaps, give you strategies and show you how you can move forward.

All focused on working with you to take simple actions and move towards attracting more clients.

Getting Entrepreneurs around the Global Industry Leaders they need to be successful to fill their business gaps and attract more clients.

These Industry Leaders cover everything from Branding, to Online Marketing, Copywriting, Speaking, Sales and Business Consulting.

They are the Skills and Experts you don't even know you are missing from your Team.

The Global Speakers include:-

Craig Keegan – Master Connector

Anthony Coundouris - Sales Coach

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ABOUT THE HOST - Craig Keegan

This is not about me, this is all about YOU!

Over the weekend we have 13 Global Speakers / Trainers / Entrepreneurs / Coaches from around the world with 100's of years of combined experiences for you to benefit from.

My history includes 30 years in IT, 15 years as an Entrepreneur having built and sold a number of businesses.

Still running 2 online businesses the Property Profits Network and the Client Acquisition Program, where I Connect great industry professionals together.

My focus is Raising your Profile, Building your Brand and Attracting more Clients.

This can only be done by working together with great Industry Professionals.


Craig Keegan


You are Great at what you do.

You can not be Great at EVERYTHING!

You need to be here to discover the things you never thought of and never considered, all of which are impacting your sales and your future.

You should attend to actually take the actions that will take you and your business to the next level and get you the results you deserve.

Easy to Use

Virtual Training.

Virtual Activities.

Virtual Rewards.

Real New Clients!

Recorded Videos, Questionnaires, Action Steps, Reward Points, Rewards and Give-a-ways...

The more you do the more you get....

Activity Based

Every lesson and every Speaker are focused on YOU.

Focused on YOUR next activity, to get you the results you deserve and need.

Take the activities and earn rewards....

Use the rewards and move forward.

Keep moving forward and attact more clients

Results Oriented

If you knew how to get better results you would be doing it.

Discover how to get better Results.

Discover who you need to guide you to get the Results you deserve.

Take the actions to get the Results you want.

Connect with great people and industry professionals.


What have others said about the techniques that will be workshopped.
Craig has a wealth of knowledge and shares it openly. I thought I was pretty good at LinkedIn and he pointed out things I didn't know about. I know that whatever your business, Craig can help to transform it quickly. Highly recommended ------- Remote Sales Keynote Speaker and Coach | LinkedIn Specialist Coach & Consultant | Sales Technology Speaker | YouTube Presenter

Frank Furness

Still struggling to comprehend what just happened.... Within 5 minutes of being in contact with Craig, I knew I was onto a good thing. Craig sent me a personalised tutorial, navigating me through my own online profile, making suggested changes that were needed to raise my profile, build my brand and attract the right audience. I sent his suggested changes to my IT and Website developers for feedback. They both agreed with all of Craig's suggested changes and with their response attached their exorbitant quotes to implement these changes. Due to budget constraints, I would have to put it on hold until next financial year. Craig's next move left me speechless. Again like a guardian angel he comes to me with problem solving solutions and just like that I have moved into the next phase of my business. Trust me when I say... "There are not a lot of people like you in the world" ------ Managing Director at Advantage Property Management Vic Pty Ltd

Tammy Dunstan

Just had an extremely insightful call with Craig who in a very short amount of time was able to point out some very obvious holes in my online presence, as well as some not so obvious observations that I hadn't even considered were a factor. I was pleasantly surprised by the proactive and friendly advice which I have taken on board and am currently making the changes in the background as I write this! Craig had prepared some reports on my Linkedin profile, Facebook page and website, all of which were very insightful and had shown that Craig had done his homework and was genuinely offering value upfront. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Craig and I actually have a few colleagues in mind that I will be sending over myself! Thanks again for the advice Craig much appreciated. ------ Prospect Allies | Underdog Agency

James Barcey

Craig has experience with connecting property professionals and understands the needs of each one. ------ Ignite your Business Online | Future Bound

Jacque Elias

Craig is an expert who is generous and understanding, finding ways to help you improve your social media profile. He recently kindly sent me an unexpected review of my LinkedIn profile, showing with a video the areas that were working well and other areas in my profile that needed updating and improvements. I learnt how to enhance my profile with very simple recommendations. Craig set up a meeting with me explaining what I could do to make necessary changes and unreservedly shared insights for ongoing improvement. I recomend to anyone who wants to learn more about system and processes to look at Craig's programs and courses. He is truly interested in helping professional business people leverage their expertise with powerful visibility. ------ PCC Coach,Communication Specialist, Voice & Public Speaking Coach, Enneagram Profiler, Meditation Teacher,Author,Speaker

Maria Pellicano

I had a introduction call with Craig today and must say I am very impressed! Craig freely gave of his expertise and I have 7 actionable items from that short conversation. Really appreciate it! ------ Mortgage Broker ✦ Investment Loan Specialist ✦ Property Investment Strategist ✦ Dream Enabler

Erik Reurts

Craig is a very impressive expert in his field, and he adds value immediately during his engagements. Just when you might think you're doing okay in terms of marketing yourself and your business online, he provides further opportunities for improvement and an innovative networking approach. ------ ➤Partnering Financial Services Professionals to achieve exponential productivity with smart technology. ➤Managing Director of You Exponential ➤Head of Partnerships, Lydian Finance ➤Financial Services Specialist,

Charles Blake



Each Presenter will have their own Lesson.

These Lessons contain Video's, Activities, Reward Points, Rewards & Give-a-ways.

The more you do, the more you get, the better your results will be.

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Pre Summit Preparation

Craig Keegan - 2020-2021-Future
Mark Gai - Business Storyteller
Glen T Campbell - Leadership
Danny de Hek - Branding Strategist
Panel 01 - Glen T Campbell - Danny de Hek - Mark Gai
Simon Holt - Video Producer
Dr Sundardas D Annamalay - Personal Branding
Craig Keegan - LinkedIn & Refferal Partners
Day 2 - Welcome - Craig Keegan
Laurie Herbers - Empowerment Coach
Jessica Koch - Speaker Expert
Panel 03 - Laurie Herbers
Clarence Ling - Digital Marketer
Panel 04 - Clarence Ling - Kel Holliday - Craig Keegan
Kel Holliday - Remote Teams
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